Caricature as any character


Delivery Options

We offer two drawing sizes – A4 and A3.

Additionally, we offer a digital copy ONLY option. In this option, we send you an image of your completed drawing to you online that you can use to have the drawing printed yourself, use as a profile picture online, or anything else you like.

The digital copy is also sent to every customer who orders the A4 or A3 options for no extra cost.

Drawing Instructions

Let us know how you’d like the drawing to look. Would you like some people in the middle, or is any order fine? Is there anything you’d like us to include?

As standard, we will draw all the people together in one drawing.

Add a full drawn background

Please explain what you would like the background to be in the Instructions box above. You can also upload a photo of the desired background for us to draw as part of the portrait.

Leave this option blank if you do not want a drawn background.

Number of people * 

We charge £20 as a flat rate per person that we draw in this Black and White portrait style. Please select the number of people you would like to be drawn and the total cost will be shown when you have selected all options and added the order to your cart.

Add text/a message

Let us know if you’d like us to add some text or a special message to your drawing. Please insert it into this box.

Upload your photo!

Upload the photos you would like us to draw from by using the upload buttons below. If you need to send us more photos than you are able to upload here then please contact us on Facebook so we can add them to your order.

(max file size 200 MB)

(max file size 200 MB)

(max file size 200 MB)

(max file size 200 MB)

(max file size 200 MB)

Extra Copies

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